Dos and Dont’s in a Pipeline Emergency

Learn what to do and what not to do in the rare event of a pipeline emergency.

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  • Leave the immediate area on foot! Move in a crosswind direction away from the leak or vapor cloud and maintain a safe distance; abandon any equipment being used in or near the area
  • Warn others to stay away
  • Go directly to a safe location and then call 911 and Flint Hills Resources’ emergency number 1-800-688-7594
  • Remember: If you damage a pipeline, you are required by law to contact the pipeline company
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  • Do not attempt to operate any pipeline valves; you may inadvertently route more product to the leak or cause a secondary incident
  • Do not cause any open flame or other potential source of ignition such as a telephone, electrical switch, vehicle ignition, lighting a match, ringing a doorbell, etc.
  • Do not use email, text or the internet to contact the company about a leak
  • Do not come into direct contact with any escaping liquids or gas
  • Do not drive into a leak or vapor cloud
  • Do not attempt to extinguish a pipeline fire before the fire’s fuel source is eliminated
  • Do not assume someone else has reported the leak

Call to Report a Pipeline Emergency

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