Emergency Response

Responding to a pipeline emergency.

Protecting people, the environment and property are the Minnesota Pipe Line Company’s top priorities, always, but especially in an emergency.

We are committed to building and maintaining a relationship with emergency responders whose communities could be affected by a pipeline emergency. Flint Hills Resources employees are trained to perform and coordinate emergency procedures associated with pipeline emergency response.

Our response procedures include:

  • Securing the scene/establishing isolation zones
  • Contacting 911
  • Assessing the situation per our response training, plans and tools
  • Having employees trained to integrate with local emergency responders in order to coordinate a unified response
  • Working to identify the exact location of the emergency
  • Making external notifications and mobilizing internal resources
  • Stopping, controlling and minimizing the amount and overall impact of released product from the pipeline
  • Utilizing the National Incident Management System Incident Command System to coordinate with the public
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Recognizing a pipeline emergency

How to safely identify the signs of a pipeline emergency.

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Dos and don'ts in a pipeline emergency

Learn what to do and what not to do in the rare event of a pipeline emergency.

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